The Mandar Group

Who is Mandar?

The Mandar Group is one of the main actors in the fruit and vegetable,
fresh aromatic herb and seasonings (onion , garlic and shallot onion) market.
Created in 1973 the The Mandar Group has forged itself a strong position
on the fruit and vegetable and aromatic herb market.

Fully owned by the ABRAMCZYK family, the company has been developed
by rolling out an external growth policy aiming to reinforce
and expand its market position through diversifying it fields of activity
to meet the ever more demanding needs of its clients.
Having mainly focused on the fruit and vegetable and aromatic herb market up to present,
in 2011 Mandar bought, the Taste&Co group subsidiaries: Jardins du Midi® (Beaumont de Lomagne),
Le Jardin de Fanny ®(Rochefort) et la Ferme de Bourret (Layrac) totalling 140 employees.
Thus fulfilling its aim, to penetrate the seasonings (onion garlic and shallot onion)
markets from which it had previously been absent.
Through the acquisition of these organizations Mandar has become one of the 20 leading companies in its field.

Mandar is now implanted in five French sites

  • Rungis
  • Douchy – Chantereine
  • Beaumont de Lomagne
  • Rochefort
  • Layrac

Over the last forty years Mandar has become a reputed player on its market, not to be ignored.
The company supplies its products to upmarket hotels and restaurants, Cash and Carrys,
large and middle scale retail outlets as well as e-commerce platforms both in France and abroad.
The company also produces, processes and markets fruit juice and pre-cut ready to eat fresh fruit.
Over the years the group has also widened its horizons upstream and with the will
to shorten production circuits and
acquire new skills for the group Mandar it has become a horticulturist and an organic grower
through its Douchy site and a aromatic herb grower through its Rochefort site.

The company’s fields of activity

Fruit and vegetables

  • Over 600 product references available all year round shipped in France and worldwideFruits and Vegetables
  • Quality commitment: Serving catering and tailor made gastronomical catering


  • Garlic – Onions – Shallot onions
  • 1st and 4th ranges
  • From packing to the wholesalers and eating out
  • Catering industry.


  • Geraniums
  • Seedlings
  • Outdoor plants / Indoor plants
  • Innovative horticulture

Aromatic Herbs

  • Over 20 varieties of standard and organically grown potted herbs
  • 1st Range: trays and punnets bunches loose sachets
  • 4th* Range: Trays, sachets
  • 4th* Range: Culinary aids

Processed fruit

  • Smoothies
  • Fruit juices
  • Puréed fruit

 Our Customers

  • The hotel and restaurant trade (independent restaurants and mass catering)
  • Large and middle sized retail outlets, Cash&Carries
  • Industry
  • e-commerce partners
  • Export